Are Your Company Cards Effective?

Many people understand that having company cards to hand out to prospective clients is a worthwhile exercise, however, it surprises me how inefficient some business cards can be. It seems that for some individuals going through the motions of producing their design, they lose sight of the function of having them in the first place. Today I will go over some of the reasons your cards are not being reacted to and methods that you can get a much better response rate from your next set of business cards.

Remember Exactly What Your Company Card is for.

When looking over a company card, ask yourself the following question: “How quickly do I realize and comprehend exactly what kind of business this person is in?” If it takes more than 1 or 2 seconds, then the design has actually failed in its purpose. If you believe they merely exist to carry your logo design and contact information, you are probably losing money on them.

The function of you company cards is to make business you represent meaningful to its recipient and create a future action. When I say “the company you represent”, I mean that your position in business is not unimportant to the purpose of the card, however, that is secondary. So make it obvious in your design what company you are in. This can be accomplished by utilizing a detailed motto, bullet-pointing your services or products or such as suitable images to illustrate exactly what you provide.

Make Your Business Card Memorable.

This might sound too obvious to document, however, you ‘d be shocked how lackluster a lot of designs are. How you make it unforgettable depends on the business you are in and exactly what is suitable to your prospective clients. First off, ensure you use your logo design and place it appropriately on your card design. One way to make your company card remarkable is to put a unique offer on the back that the card can be redeemed for. People with most skills in this area are The coffee shop prefers to double their business cards as loyalty cards, however, this strategy might also be utilized throughout numerous other company types and keeps you in the customer’s mind. The back of your company card offers you the chance to be innovative and supply helpful information for the recipient to motivate them to keep it.

Use Contact Information That person Will Use (and Can Reach You On!).

There are a lot of innovative techniques of communication in this digital age and only so much space on your typical company card. When listing your contact details, be sure to such as the point of contact that your customers are most likely to use one of the most. For the most parts, this would be a contact number or email address, but if your company does a great deal of social media online (particularly LinkedIn), you ought to consist of that information too. If you have a site, absolutely include your web address.

Use A Quality Printing Service.

A lot of start-up companies and self-employed people want to keep their overheads down by making and printing their own. Paradoxically, printing your own cards in any reasonable volume will probably not just cost you more in printer consumables, but completion result usually turns out to be inferior to outsourcing the job to a commercial printing company. A commercial printer is much better positioned with resources to do the task efficiently on the quality card that is appropriate for business cards. It is essential that you check the card stock to make sure it is of decent quality and thickness. For finest results, it is advised that your card stock is at least 350gsm. An expert printer can likewise do bigger volumes for you with far better consistency.

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